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The HI-6033 is a 500 mL bottle of certified 84 µS/cm conductivity solution supplied with certificate of analysis.

500 ml

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Full Description

The HI-6033 is a 500 mL bottle of certified 84 µS/cm conductivity solution supplied with certificate of analysis.

This conductivity solution makes it possible to calibrate instruments with a conductivity scale of up to 200 µS/cm, for example, in the measurement of pure or distilled water.

Maximum accuracy is high on the agenda here at Hanna. Browse our Conductivity Calibration Solutions specifically produced for Conductivity meters and electrodes.

Hanna conductivity electrodes can be calibrated in just a few minutes, wherever you are working, thanks to our range of conductivity solutions in different forms and values. Sachets, for instance, could be very useful out in the field as well as the laboratory.

HI-6033 is a premium quality 84 µS/cm conductivity solution prepared against a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable Potassium Chloride solution and supplied with a Certificate of Analysis. HI-6033 is supplied in a 500ml blue light-block bottle to protect against light exposure.

Remember - Proper calibration will ensure results are accurate and repeatable.

Assess the right value for your requirements

84 uS/cm Calibration Solution

The 84 uS/cm conductivity solution allows calibration of instruments with a conductivity scale of up to 200 uS/cm for the measurement of pure or distilled water.

1413 uS/cm Calibration Solution

The 1413 uS/cm calibration solution is for general use. It is also available in kits with pH7 buffer solution for easy calibration of multi-parameter instruments.

5000 uS/cm Calibration Solution

Widely used in agriculture for monitoring and preparing nutrient solutions for crop production, the 5000 uS/cm Calibration Solution is ideal for applications needing to achieve higher reading accuracies in a conductivity scale between 2,000 uS/cm and 10000 uS/cm.

12880 uS/cm Calibration Solution

Mainly used in industrial applications, the 12880 uS/cm (12.88 mS/cm) calibration solution is used to performance enhance conductivity meters with a scale higher than 10 mS/cm.

80000uS/cm Calibration Solution

Use the 80000 uS/cm calibration solution to calibrate instruments measuring high conductivity samples, such as wastewater, solutions containing suspended solids and plating baths. It is ideal for use in the food production industry.

111800 uS/cm Calibration Solution

Use 111800 uS/cm Calibration Solution for instruments measuring samples with conductivity higher than 100 mS/cm (100,000 uS/cm).

This solution allows calibration of instruments performing under high salt concentrations and ideal for use in systems where phase limits have to be detected (for example, separation of a substance from water), monitoring of bottle washing plants, beverage controls, check of acids or bases in electro-deposition processes and some plating baths.

Also in the range:

TDS Calibration Solutions

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meters are vital to the water industry so accurate readings are essential. Make sure your meter is giving accurate readings by using Hanna TDS Calibration Solution available in bottles and sachets. TDS Solutions are produced with high quality Potassium Chloride in various concentrations to NIST standards.

Salinity Calibration Solutions

For accurate salinity readings, select Hanna Salinity Calibration Solution available in 500ml or 230ml bottles. Specifically designed for use with meters measuring salt levels in sea water.

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