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HANNA HI-7041S Electrolyte Solution for Polarographic Sensors


The HI-7041S electrolyte solution is a ready-to-use formula designed to maintain Polargraphic Dissolved Oxygen probes.

For polarographic and galvanic DO sensors
30ml bottle

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Full Description

HI-7041S Zero Oxygen solution, 30ml bottle

HI-7041S is designed to refill the electrolyte solution for polarographic dissolved oxygen probes. Polarographic sensor technology is based on the Ross and Clark polarographic measurement method. An oxygen probe is composed of a platinum electrode and a solid silver electrode. The HI-7041S is a concentrated Potassium Chloride solution held in place over the electrode by a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) membrane. With polarographic technology, an external voltage is applied to the platinum cathode, silver anode, electrolyte solution and gas-permeable membrane to establish a current that is proportional to the concentration of oxygen in a solution.

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